Seacrest out, Spot on!

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Hello Big Spot faithful. I apologize for the hiatus but its been a crazy month. One thing you learn as a new home owner is what a crappy job the previous owners did to improve the house before selling it. The month was filled with wallpaper removal (sample above. Breathtaking!), yard work, and garage demo. What the hell did we get ourselves into?

So lets do a recap what has happened over the course of the month.

First, let’s send a big congratulations to my man Tony (and wifey) on the birth of their new baby girl Gabriella. “Am I supposed to get a Moil? Where do I find a Moil?” Those of you who don’t know Tony, he is a huge Seinfeld fan. He gave his dissertation to aquire his P.H.D and managed to do it with a Seinfeldian theme. No, it was not DeVry Tech. Now he is a Dr. of his own domain, or at least until Gabriella turns 2. Is it a coincidence that yesterday, the day of his first daughters birth, is Sir Jerry’s birthday as well? Hopefully, he didn’t induce labor. Heellloooooo Newbaby.

Look, there are plenty of people that hate American Idol. Blah, blah, blah, they can say what they want about the “shortcut to stardom” and that “no one is talented” and its all “bubble gum.” Right now, they are right! I can’t stand a single contestant on there. Can they sing? Yes! Do they deserve my attention over the first half of a Yankee game because DIRECTV can’t DVR more than 2 things at a time and change channels? NO! NO! NO! Somebody hand the cocky dude with the Liza Minelli haircut the damn trophy, because I can’t watch or listen to the little hobbit sing another corny version of an already cheesy song. I never thought that there would be anyone that makes Josh Grobin look more gangsta than this little monkey. Top 2 need to be David Cook, and Syesha Mercado. David wins.

Yankees. What can I say? Jorge is hurt. Hurt bad; real bad. And now A-Rod. What does this mean? Well, it means that all the kids have to step up and prove that they are all that they are cracked up to be. Somehow, Phil Huges has to dig down deep and learn how to pitch to big league hitters again. We know he can, but he has to believe it himself. Too much guessing in his mind? Throw strikes and listen to Señor Molina (or Chad Moeller). The season is still young and as long as the Yankees can stay no more than 4 games out with the injuries, they still have a chance. Tampa Bay will cause the most heartache for the Bombers this year. The Rays are supposed to win more games this year than in franchise history. That means they will come at the expense of the Sox and Yanks. Hold on Yankee Fans: it will be a bumpy ride, but hopefully an exciting and historic one.

Well, my first one back, I’m a little rusty.


1 Down 80 To Go

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Opening Day, First Pitch, Yankees, Yankee Stadium

Finally, we have baseball in the Bronx and it was well worth the wait. It was a beautiful night for baseball and an even better night for Yankee Stadium. As we start counting down the number of regular season games left we take in every sight, sound and definitely smells of the Cathedral in the Bronx.

It was a bit of a shaky start for Chien-Ming Wang, but after settling down, he finally did what he is best at, throwing ground balls. Joba struggled a little bit finding the strike zone but found his way past the Old Hurt.

Getting the first hit out of the way is always a big challenge. Fortunately, most of the Yankees got that right out of the way last night. The best at throwing up crooked numbers on opening day, Bobby Abreu. Bobby has hit safely in his last 12 opening day games.

Everyone looked good, not totally sharp but good. It will be a very exciting last season at the “Stadium that Ruth Built” and I can’t wait to see more.

For a few more photos of opening day, visit the BigSpot Flickr Account.

The baseball gods were crying

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Opening Day, Yankee Stadium, Rain out

So, the game was postponed until tomorrow night. What a mess it was getting out of the stadium. I will break it down on Wednesday. Big Spot Out

Play Ball!

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Ok, so its pretty much become a Yankees blog. Its one of the only things that I can write about. If I find something else, I will. Anyway, I’m heading to the game this afternoon for the last opening day at Yankee Stadium. I will have a complete post of the game when I return. In the mean time, check out these photos from the 2008 Homecoming Dinner last night.


Yankees, Homecoming Dinner, Matsui, Jeter, Giambi, Cano, A-Rod, Melky

The Final Season

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The Final Season

As the Yankees begin their final season in the “House that Ruth Built”, I was lucky enough to produce the 2008 team theme that will commemorate this historic season. Working with the Yankees staff, we blended some of the old with the new to create a majestic look for 2008. (Above you will see the pocket schedule, Final Regular Season Game Ticket, Fan Guide and Old-Timers’ Day Postcard.)

First taste of summer and I smell hot tamales

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Cubs, Spring Training, Arizona

Well, The Spot has been down for a little bit but I have a great excuse… Spring training! Granted, I would’ve loved to have been in Tampa, Florida, but it was great traveling to across the country to Arizona and experience some of the Cactus League. This trip all made possible by the misses. She pulled this gem early in 2008 and I’ve been itching to go since. I’ve got some great photos that I can’t wait to share and will have them up on my Flickr account soon. Stay tuned.

Jorge Posada Hits The Tiny Screen

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Endless Drama, Jorge Posada, ESPN

Before Catch 24 launches the new web site, Jorge will make a debut of his own, as a soap opera star. In ESPN’s new ad campaign “Endless Drama“, Jorge plays, well, “Jorge”. Opposite, his wife Laura (named Flora), they appear in the dramatic webisode series. Move over Laura and Luke (my wife would be proud) there is a new player in town.

Arnold Worldwide, a Boston bases ad agency developed the series for ESPN.